Project funded by Marie Curie Actions IEF. Project 235673 "Study of magnetic responsive biopolymer based materials"


Since the begining of the project the main researcher and the fellow have worked in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team of researchers in order to develop and to study the new magneto-responsive materials froma a chemical and physics point of view.

For this porpoise, a strong collaboration has been stablished between the MSC (Laboratoire Matière et Systèmes Complexes) and PECSA (Laboratoire Physicochimie des Electrolytes, Colloîdes et Sciences Analytiques) laboratories.

Main researcher (supervisor of the project)

  • Alain Ponton

Researcher (fellow)

  • Cecilia Galindo-Gonzalez


  • Agnes Bee
  • Jean Chevalet
  • Emmanuelle Dubois
  • Regine Perzynski
  • Delphine Talbot